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REL Quake refoam

How to refoam a REL Quake (Westra PW-250-2158) woofer

1. Remove the woofer from the cabinet. Remove the old foam surround and carefully clean the rear of the speakercone as well as possible.

2. Also thoroughly clean the frame and the gasket.

3. Fold the new foam surround (on one side) behind the cone.

4. And place the foam surround behind the cone. The foam surround fits precisely.

5. Cut a small amount of foam away from the screw holes of the woofer

6. Reinstall the gasket (do not glue it yet), the woofer can then be laid upside down without damaging the foam surround.

7. Apply glue between the edge of the foam surround and the cone with a syringe. If necessary, apply 'Scotch' tape to 'force' the foam surround against the cone.

8. Now glue the foam surround on the frame. You can find more information about centering in the 'refoam manual'.

9. Glue the gasket onto the foam surround.

10. Place the woofer back in the subwoofer.

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