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Yamaha JA2113 woofer 16 Ohm

Yamaha JA2113 woofer 16 Ohm

Yamaha JA2113 woofer 16 Ohm

Original Yamaha part, nr JA2113 (422301 Yamaha 2067). Only one piece available.

For do it yourself. In the cone there is a tear (position: 3 o'clock) that needs to be repaired.

This article is part of a batch of speaker components that we have taken over from a Dutch musicstore because it was closed. The following applies to this article:

  • This is an original branded product.
  • This article is most probably no longer available elsewhere and can not be reordered because it is no longer in production.
  • This article has likely been repackaged by us because the music store did not stock the parts in its original packaging or because the original packaging provides insufficient protection for shipment.
  • The offer is valid for 1 (one) piece only with the article code mentioned in the article description.
  • If multiple copies of this article are available, you will see more than one item on offer in our shop with different article codes. If there are multiple identical items available and you want to buy more than one item you will need to purchase multiple items (with different article codes).
  • You can not buy multiple copies of this article, since we have only one piece of this specific item in stock. If you buy multiple copies we can not provide those and we will, if necessary (this at the discretion of Good Hifi VOF), cancel the sale. This provision applies specifically to complement our Terms and Conditions if you buy this article.

€ 10.00

Article code: maaYAMwooJA2113