B&W tweeter for DM610, DM620, DM630, DM640 etc

Original B&W part, new. Only 2 pcs in stock! Partnr ZZ05460.

B&W tweeter for DM610, DM620, DM630, DM640 etc
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Article codeBWtweKOR-SCM8
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This B&W part is no longer manufactured and is no longer available. If these tweeters are sold, we can not order more of these items.

Suitable for:
  • DM550
  • DM560
  • DM570
  • DM580
  • DM600
  • DM610
  • DM620
  • DM630
  • DM640
  • DM600i
  • DM610i
  • DM620i
  • DM630i
  • DM640i
  • SCM8

Disclaimer from B&W
"Every attempt has been made to match the replacement to the original. However please accept some difference in colour / finish may occur either due to production tolerances or to the original part having aged."


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