Diaphragm for JBL 2413 tweeter - full metal jacketed

Like the original diaphragm, but upgraded with full metal (resonance free) jacket

Diaphragm for JBL 2413 tweeter - full metal jacketed
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It looks like the JBL 2413 is a diaphragm that blows out easily. The main causes are (given so this new diaphragm will live a longer live...):

  • Feedback. Try using a feedback eliminator or an equalizer.
  • Loud, high pitched, screaming into the microphone. This will sound just like feedback.
  • Turing the power on with the volume turned up. This can sometimes cause a loud pop, blowing the tweeter diaphragm. Try to use equipment with relays and a delayed cuircuit.
  • A shorting or loose connection in any part of any of the input cables, again, causing a loud pop or a very strong hum.
  • Dropping a microphone, causing a loud pop blowing the diaphragm.
  • Equipment (amplifier) malfunction. In some cases, amplifiers will go bad, blowing diaphragms and speakers.

Pls realise this diaphragm has a very thin cupper voice coil. If you just play music, it can play very, very loud, but if you abuse it making it play the wrong sounds, it will burn easily. Applying ferrofluid will cool the voicecoil preventing it from breaking down too soon.