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Welcome to Good Hifi’s web shop selling hundreds of speaker parts to repair your precious speaker. We have been selling our speaker (repair) parts on the internet since 2009, and have decided to offer our entire collection here. Our shop is based in the town of Heerhugowaard, a small town in the northwestern part of the Netherlands. We sell our products in the Netherlands, but most of our costumers are from abroad. About 80% of our sales are actually for foreign customers.
We constantly try to offer the widest range of products for the best price on the internet. Many of the products available on this website have been designed and made according to standards set by us - you cannot find them elsewhere. In our web shop you can find hundreds of parts to repair your speaker – all of them are highest quality. If you want to refoam your speaker – you can find all you need here, foam surrounds, rubber surrounds, dust-caps or special glue. A defective tweeter - we can provide you with many diaphragms. Please look around and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Amongst others, we offer speaker parts for these brands:

- Acoustic Energy
- Acoustic Research
- Akai
- Allison one
- Alpine
- Altec Lansing
- Audax
- Audio Pro
- Auditorat
- Audioanalyse
- Audiolab
- Backes & Müller
- Bang & Olufsen
- Behringer
- Beyma
- B&W
- Boston
- B. Accoustics
- Braun
- Castle
- Cerwin Vega
- Dahlquist
- Dali
- Dynacord
- Dynaudio
- Dynamic
- Driade
- Earthquake
- Electroacustik
- Electrovoice
- Elipson
- Epicure
- Eton
- Fane
- Fisher
- Focal
- Fostex
- Gallien-krueger
- Goodmans
- Gradient
- Grundig
- Heybrook
- Infinity
- Interaudio
- Jamo
- JM Reynaud
- Jensen
- Kef
- Kenwood
- Lazar
- Leak
- Linn
- Lowther
- Magnat
- Marantz
- Mc Farlow
- Mirsch
- Mission
- Onkyo
- Ortofon
- Paradigm
- Peavy
- Peerless
- Philips
- Pied Piper
- Pioneer
- ProAc
- Pyle
- Quadral
- Reference
- Revac Speaker
- Revox
- Rogers
- Royd
- Sanyo
- Scan Speak
- SD Acoustic
- Seas
- Selenium
- Snell
- Solton
- Sonab
- Sonobull
- Sony
- Svenska
- T+A
- Tannoy
- Technics
- Translator
- Videoton
- Vifa
- Visaton
- Wharfedale
- Yamaha

Pls check our offers, if you can't find a product, don't hesitate to contact Please note we are not able to offer 100% of all the spare parts you might need, but we'll try our best.

For our international customers we offer two ways to pay:
Afbeeldingen betaalmethoden Überweisung gratis!

Your orders with us will processed through a secured connection so your personal data will be protected when ordering with us.

For shipping our products to our customers we use the services of PostNL. Over the last years they have proved to be a reliable and reasonably priced transporter, abroad often represented by TNT. We only use the international priority service – providing a fast delivery service to you!

We wish you enjoyable shopping and 'Happy repairs'!

Myrko Schneider & Maroesjka Bakker
Good Hifi VOF
Good Hifi is registered in the Dutch trade register at de Kamer van Koophandel in the town of Alkmaar under number 37138232 0000.